Online Distance Therapy

The demand of current lifestyles and schedules make it difficult for many to commit to a regular therapy schedule involving fixed appointments, and often as well considerable travel. There are those for whom distance and/or physical and other conditions may preclude engaging in more traditional therapy formats.

The online option is fairly new, but with the use of Skype or Facetime, face-to-face sessions are available wherever you are or live; and in most respects can be as effective a sessions as in person.

In fact, there is already considerable evidence that distance therapy is even more effective than traditional talk therapy for those able to feel comfortable or at ease in their surroundings rather than in a therapist’s office.

Sometimes you are unable to find acceptable therapy in your locale, and online or distance therapy can now offer the advantage of seeking not only the right therapy, but also the right therapist who we would like to be able to work with.

People in crisis and/or who are a threat to themselves or to others should not consider online counseling with therapy. In such urgent situations, these people should contact suicide hotline or seek immediate hospital-based psychiatric evaluation.

Does therapy via the internet work? Does it work as well as in-office therapy?
In-office therapy works better for some people but online therapy is an equally viable treatment and works for the vast majority of clients.

Here are two studies you may find interesting:

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